The brand was born in the heart of Yvette F. Vidal, a restless and curious person, a traveler in love with art, design and fashion, the beach and the sea, nature and animals, sea and mountain sports.

The need to express her inherent creativity through sustainable fabrics and environmentally friendly materials, carefully chosen to offer a clean, socially and environmentally responsible product, made with love, became a reality in 2018 after training in pattern making in Barcelona.
Olivia & Prescott founder


For love.

Out of love for nature, out of respect, out of love for animals and plants, for the beaches and the sea, for our planet, because we love the Earth.

And if you care about this, as a brand you must be sustainable because there is no other way even if it is not the easiest and as a person you must be eco-responsible even if it is difficult.

O&P garments celebrate life in the Mediterranean, a palette of tones inspired by the Mediterranean nature that surrounds us.

Minimalist 90s aesthetics, pure lines with an air of new femininity in a lingerie style, ribbed and silky textures that transport us to those endless summers of youth on the beach with fragrances of salt and pine.

For some reason, the brand feels a nostalgia that makes us reminisce.

The O&P woman is a free spirit, non-conformist, fashion and design lover, rebel, fighter, activist, animal lover, independent, anti-conventional, feminine, sexy and self-confident, a dreamer who seeks a paradigm shift in the world, love for the planet and animals because she thinks of creating a better future for herself and her children by showing them the way with her example.

She is an eco-conscious woman of her time who hopes to contribute to a better future with her actions today.

The premium Italian fabrics used in the manufacture of her garments come from ghost fishing nets recovered from the sea and nylon waste recovered from landfills, so while contributing to clean seas and recycling waste material, they make new garments that can be infinitely reused, thus closing the circle without wasting new resources in the process.

All materials used in the manufacturing process are certified as STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which is the world's leading eco-label for textile products, so they are totally environmentally friendly and do not harm the health of the consumer. They stand for zero waste. From the packaging to the hang tags, they are plastic-free, recycled and 100% eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable. The shipping envelopes are compostable and the note dedicated to the customer is a plantable vegetable paper card. Manufactured locally in Barcelona, they advocate quality local labour, protected by the rights of valued and well-paid workers.

Thus, they advocate fair trade and minimise the carbon footprint by not relying on third countries where workers could be exploited and where a lot of fuel could be spent to ship production.

A very strong ethical commitment to the environment and animals, all models are named after vulnerable or endangered marine species, is another way to raise awareness of the need for change. That's why the first collection was called Awareness.

And for donating part of the proceeds to Ghost Fishing Costa Brava (a global initiative for the removal of abandoned fishing nets from the sea. Ghost nets get caught on rocks and fish, turtles and dolphins become entangled in them, causing injuries, infections and death and preventing them from surfacing to breathe; they are even a danger to divers) and 1% of the proceeds to the CRAM Foundation (Foundation for the Conservation and Recovery of Marine Animals), a private non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and the species that inhabit it since 1994, located in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona).

The aim is to create a global project to reinvest the profits of the brand in the construction of a refuge/sanctuary for all types of animals abandoned to their fate, victims of illegal trafficking or exploitation in farms, for their conservation, care and recovery. Managed, supervised and financed by our brand. And most importantly for the brand, to make everyone aware that change is both necessary and possible, but that without everyone's help it will be very difficult to achieve.

The world changes with gestures, not with words or thoughts. It is time to act.

Wear in harmony with the sea.




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