Sustainable Materials, Limited Edition | 1% of every sale is donated to the CRAM Foundation (Fundación para la Conservación y Recuperación de Animales Marinos)




Olivia & Prescott's mission is that customers around the world, in addition to getting the highest quality swimwear with the minimum impact on the environment, experience that they are contributing to a change in the world. We promote a sustainable lifestyle, projecting a cleaner, fairer, and much-needed future for all species, including our own.

Therefore, we donate part of our profits to organizations that protect the planet and we use environmentally friendly materials to achieve this.


To turn Olivia & Prescott into a reference company in its sector by merging the love for fashion with animal, social, and environmental commitment.

With our eyes on the horizon, we see the creation of the Olivia & Prescott Foundation, a refuge for all types of animals, where they can take refuge, recover and become free again, managed by professionals from the animal world, volunteers, and paid for by the company.



Olivia & Prescott is a brand based on quality, exclusivity, sustainability and empathy with the animal world. In addition to defending dignified work and equality.

We believe in a more supportive and sustainable society in all areas and our values are our reason for existing as a brand.

We donate 1% of sales to organizations dedicated to the protection of endangered species and the conservation of the natural environment.