Sustainable Materials, Limited Edition | 1% of every sale is donated to the CRAM Foundation (Fundación para la Conservación y Recuperación de Animales Marinos)




O+P garments celebrate life in the Mediterranean, a palette of tones inspired by the surrounding Mediterranean nature. Minimalist aesthetics of the 90s, pure lines with airs of new femininity in a lingerie style, ribbed and silky textures that transport us to those endless summers of youth on the beach with fragrances of salt and pine. 


Our first collection is called Awareness.

 Every model of the collection is dedicated to one marine endangered species. Awareness means to be aware of what is happening around us, that's why we would like to introduce some of the hundreds of species that are seriously endangered in our seas and oceans.



Mäui Dolphins are the smallest dolphins in the world, they are native to New Zealand, they live in the west coast of North Island and they are in high risk of disappearing soon by commercial fishing practices.

In 2019, there are only 55 adults left in the wild. 

The Mäui Dolphin Swimsuit 




Oceanic Posidonia is a marine plant, and not an alga, which has root, stem, leaves, fruits and flowers. It forms meadows between the surface and the 40 meters of depth in waters of great quality like those of Formentera. It is an endemic species in the Mediterranean and since 1999 specifically the meadow of the Natural Park of Ses Salines d'Eivissa and Formentera was declared a World Heritage Site. The Posidonia is considered one of the longest living plants in the biosphere.  

The Posidonia Bikini

More than half the oxygen we breathe comes from the sea. Posidonia has been called "the lungs of the Mediterranean" because it is one of the most important sources of oxygen provided to coastal waters. Despite international legislation to protect Posidonia at the European level, this important aquatic plant is in grave danger of disappearing in the next few years.


Posidonia meadows are declining in many parts of the Mediterranean because of pollution, coastal development (such as shoreline hardening, urban and harbour infrastructure), fishing activities, and the mooring of ships that sweep the plants with their anchors and chains.

The Posidonia Bikini



Leatherback sea turtles are the biggest turtles on Earth and have survived for more than 100 million years but are now facing extinction. 

The Leatherback Bikini

Leatherbacks are one of the more endangered creatures on Earth. They are often caught by accident in fishing nets. Stuck underwater, they drown. Sea turtle nesting habitats are also being destroyed, and eggs they do lay are illegally collected by people for food.

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